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What is the meaning of Haik in Hindi?

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Meaning of Haik in Hindi is :

Definition of word Haik

  • Alternative spelling of Hayk. (proper noun)

Examples of word Haik

  • Though the extent to which the CIA was involved in 1965 is still unclear, certainly their failed attempt at a coup in Operation Haik (1958) was recently detailed in Tom Cooper's book, Clandestine US Operations: Indonesia 1958, Operation "Haik".
  • Dr. Barrett G. Haik, director of the University of Tennessee's Hamilton Eye Institute, says there is an answer, sort of.
  • The Head of the Convention Secretariat, Haik Nikogosian, says 80 percent of the parties either have adopted or strengthened legislation on tobacco control after joining the Convention.
  • "What's really rare is to have a child like this," Haik says.
  • Eitan had expected to see Secretary of State Berg, or Valerie Jones or maybe even Michael Haik.
  • As they started down the stairs to the basement of the West Wing, the president asked Haik what the unscheduled visit was about.
  • Rapp opened the door and found President Hayes, Kennedy, Secretary of State Berg, Chief of Staff Jones and NSA Haik all watching the bank of television sets and talking on various phones.
  • Freidman passed the photos across the table to Haik.
  • He was slightly better with Valerie Jones and Michael Haik, but he only acknowledged General Flood and Kennedy with a slight nod from afar.
  • The president was sitting with his back to the window; his national security advisor, Michael Haik, on his left and his chief of staff, Valerie Jones, on his right.

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