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What is the meaning of IOU in Hindi?

Meaning of IOU in Hindi is : किसी ऋण की स्वीकृति की रसीद

Definition of word IOU

  • I owe you. (initialism)
  • An informal written note promising to pay the stated sum. (noun)

Examples of word IOU

    • Campbell's campaign, meanwhile, said the endorsement is nothing more than an "IOU from the 2008 election cycle."
    • A prediction from this guy is about as dependable as an IOU from the mob.
    • A middle class person working everyday and after filing taxes, instead of their legal tax refund (if owed one) they will receive a IOU from the state.
    • Whew there is a Social Security surplus, the extra money is put in the general fund, and in exchange SS is given a non-marketable security for that amount (basically an IOU from the government to itself).
    • European banks also depend heavily on so-called wholesale funding—borrowing in a short-term IOU market—to fund dollar-denominated loans and securities positions.
    • KKR Financial invested in Alt-A loans that range between prime and subprime and funded those purchases largely by issuing commercial paper, short-term IOU's typically issued only to the most creditworthy borrowers.
    • Adding to the credit crunch: Commercial paper, a type of short-term IOU that banks use to raise cash and thus a cog of daily banking operations, is finding little demand among investors.
    • Also Anita and I were worried about the anti-intellectual attitudes towards the University of California expressed by the state legislature, worries that proved well-founded when a few years later salaries were capped, teaching loads were increased, and the state budget was not passed on time, causing faculty to be paid in IOU's.
    • US dollars are created when the Treasury issues a bond, in other words an IOU or a debt and it gets sold on the open market.
    • Commercial paper, which helps lubricate the flow of business operations, is a short-term IOU available to corporations that banks usually know are good for the money.