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What is the meaning of Kanaka in Hindi?

Meaning of Kanaka in Hindi is :

Definition of word Kanaka

Examples of word Kanaka

  • Also, at the moment of delivering each kick, he called the Kanaka a black heathen.
  • As the plantations in Queensland increased, they required more labourers than were willing to leave their homes in the South Sea Islands; and, as the captains of vessels were paid by the planters a certain sum of money for every "Kanaka" they brought over, there was a strong temptation to carry off the natives by force, when, by other means, a sufficient number could not be obtained.
  • This name, "Kanaka," they answer to, both collectively and individually.
  • * The word 'Kanaka' is at the present day universally used in the South
  • Percival Ford looked at the Kanaka half-breed who played under the hau tree, and it seemed, as by some illumination, that he was gazing on a wraith of himself.
  • From the masthead, across the palm-fringe, a Kanaka announced the lagoon and a small island in the middle.