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What is the meaning of MO in Hindi?

Meaning of MO in Hindi is :

Definition of word MO

  • month (abbreviation)
  • moment (noun)
  • To a greater degree. (adverb)
  • Greater in amount, quantity, or number (of discrete objects, as opposed to more, which was applied to subtances) (adjective)

Examples of word MO

  • · Opening of compiled (. gmo/.mo) gettext po files and compressed gettext po files is directly supported (open your gnumeric. mo and edit it to make your individual translation!).
  • Homines fxpe membratiin mo - rfuntur, & feniim exfpirant, ideo etiam A - nima fenfim perit, qiiis em'm dicat Ani - mam, vividam, viz. rem & fentientem, in mortuis & {enfus experdbus Corporis membris refidere: Qii6d fi exiiBmes Ani - mam introrfum fe recipere i membris mo* ribundis recedentem, cur in iftis partibus nbi conglomeratur Anima non vividior ap - paret fenfus?
  • Roger, I am here to educate, mo is short for homosexual.
  • Because of this, most of what I consider moé happens in a short amount of time…10 seconds or less…thus the term moé-moment.
  • Also: for those interested about how the term moé was mentioned, Lisa describes it in a way that seems a bit too escapist for me but it serves its purpose for those unfamiliar with it:
  • As for me, I like what I call moé-moments no, I refuse to call them moe-ments.
  • Thar's somethin 'mo' elevatin 'about a parson, an' doubtless it's difficult to come down from a pulpit to common earth when you've once lifted yo 'eyes to it.