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What is the meaning of Pu in Hindi?

Meaning of Pu in Hindi is : पी यू

Definition of word Pu

  • Symbol for plutonium. (noun)

Examples of word Pu

  • (Note that its isotopic cousin Pu-239 is even more sensitive.)
  • December 8, 2009, 12: 20 pm rxc: perlhaqr: Pu is not very toxic when ingested.
  • Bernie Cohen (a helth physics professor at Pitt) offered to eat the same mass in Pu if Ralph Nader would eat the same mass in caffiene, and of course the offer was refused, because the caffiene would kill very quickly, while the Pu would not.
  • The primary hazard of Pu is inhalation of small particles, and even that is not really bad.
  • He posted an online account of his interrogation by Beijing police officials, which included one of them calling Pu a
  • But Washington allowed Pulaski to organize an independent corps, dubbed the Pułaski Cavalry Legion.
  • He said that he knew and appreciated the Russian Ambassador "Pu" in Peiping.
  • I was thinking radioactives like 'Pu' would be the unstable release candidate series