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What is the meaning of abjuration in Hindi?

Meaning of abjuration in Hindi is : सशपथ त्याग

Definition of word abjuration

  • The act of abjuring. (noun)

Examples of word abjuration

  • The document details that "after the formal abjuration, which is compelling for all those who were even only suspected of heretical crimes, the leading members of the Templar Order are reinstated in the Catholic Communion and readmitted to receive the sacraments."
  • In some cases the abjuration was the only ceremony required; in others abjuration was followed by the imposition of hands or by unction, or both by the laying on of hands and by unction.
  • Augustus, and was burned in the old market place 31 May, 1431, after her so-called abjuration at the cemetery of St. Ouen; St. John
  • The solemn abjuration which is now proposed in the name of Neo-conservatism resembles a charge of dynamite.
  • Jeanne realised now what her "abjuration" had really meant.
  • One of the consequences of her "abjuration" was that she was wearing woman's dress that very afternoon.
  • God, his father and our father, but who, without our elder brother to do it first, would never have chosen that self-abjuration which is life, never have become alive like him.
  • Art is, after all, both physical and ideological, while spirituality is conventionally thought to be the abjuration of the physical and ideological.