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What is the meaning of above in Hindi?

Meaning of above in Hindi is : से श्रेष्ठ

Definition of word above

Examples of word above

  • Frank Capra, who won two best picture and three best director Oscars in the 1930s, called his autobiography The Name Above the Title.''
  • Above is the only film footage of Anne Frank, the inspirational 13-year-old diarist who hid from the Nazis in an Amsterdam attic before finally dying in a concentration camp.
  • Above is a picture of my new favorite earrings, which I bought from a very neat jewelry-maker, Susan Myers.
  • Above is Episode 41, about a junkie who replaces his love of smack with drug education films narrated by Paul Newman.
  • Above is one of my favorite shrines, which I post in honor of Our Lord's Ascension.
  • (Above is just one of many video demos on YouTube.)
  • Above is the motto “Aequant Munia Comparis” (By her works she is to her husband compared).
  • Above is an 18th century "witch bottle," used to fend off evil spirits.
  • Above is a song I wrote with the KORG DS-10 cartridge on my Nintendo DS (RSS reader folks, click through to see it).