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What is the meaning of acculturation in Hindi?

Meaning of acculturation in Hindi is : संस्कृति―संक्रमण

Definition of word acculturation

  • A process by which the culture of an isolated society changes on contact with a different one, especially a more advanced society. (noun)

Examples of word acculturation

  • Ii are in the final analysis the most easily relied-on source of emo­ Sociologists use the term acculturation to describe the process ~. tional and financial support, and in that sense the most reliable in which the immigrants, and particularly their descendants, first alter and then drop most of the culture they bring with them source of security.
  • And that different treatment leads to differences -- in acculturation and perspective.
  • In the end, the process of acculturation is as true for technological processes as it is for humans.
  • If acculturation translates into stronger female leadership this contradicts assumptions that Indigenous (ie, traditional) societies tend to be more egalitarian and place value on women’s participation.
  • The so called acculturation is also full of such deceit!
  • A common process in such situations is known as acculturation, defined as a marginal or specific culture’s adaptation to the dominant culture.
  • Other recommendations for improving the quality and quantity of data include developing standard Asian-specific measurement tools for things such as acculturation, which indicates how well a certain population has adapted to the U.S. culture, as well as diet.
  • Other factors can also influence non-adherence to a prescription regimen, such as acculturation and language barriers.