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What is the meaning of alo in Hindi?

Meaning of alo in Hindi is :

Definition of word alo

Examples of word alo

  • Olosoni, 4 Akameta Feao, 3 Pa'alo'i Taula, 2 Aleki Lutui (c), 1 Toma Toke.
  • The greeting became alo in Arabic and hallo in Hebrew.
  • For instance, in 1917, it was detected which a Tr! iads alo ng with a Vice-President of a Republic of China were stealing open funds to purchase drug to deal in a drug trade.
  • Known as "Iron Gates," she's alo going to be a bit tougher on our team, especially Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic).
  • But Clinton alo instituted a new set of holiday traditions.
  • Hebden's clearly a chap of good taste, as the DJ lineup is alo stellar: Theo Parrish, James Holden, Jamie xx, Mount Kimbie, Zomby, Actress, James Blake and Nathan Fake.
  • If you break the word down to its roots, you will find that it is made up of the words alo, which means presence, front, or facing.