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What is the meaning of amusing in Hindi?

Meaning of amusing in Hindi is : सुखदायक

Definition of word amusing

  • Present participle of amuse. (verb)
  • Entertaining. (adjective)

Examples of word amusing

    • Susan found the term amusing, given the fact that she was only sixteen, and Maria herself probably just two or three years older.
    • This one, legally named Tracy Worcester - she insists on "Tracy" unless her lunch companion finds her title amusing - is currently having such a moment.
    • The alien puppet takes her apart in amusing fashion.
    • Even more amusing is that Featherston has what sounds like, at best, a minor role in Experimental Activity.
    • Liberal clergymen take themselves seriously; what makes this particularly amusing is that they are convinced that everyone else takes them seriously too.
    • What's amusing is that the GOP has not learned a single thing since their 08-butt-kicking!
    • What's amusing is that North Carolina voters are not known for being overly sensitive about bigoted campaign appeals.
    • What I find amusing is that you believe your position is the rational one.
    • What I find amusing is how Dems and Libs point the finger at Republicans and Conservatives, and hollar about how hateful and mean and out of touch with reality they are.
    • The guests at the ball turn in amusing performances, particularly Joseph Caley as the rakish, dry-humoured Adoncino, but the central couple have the best of the choreography.