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What is the meaning of animality in Hindi?

Meaning of animality in Hindi is : पाशिवक प्रकृति

Definition of word animality

  • The nature of an animal (noun)

Examples of word animality

  • All my days had been passed in comparative ignorance of the animality of man.
  • It's sexy and dark, with a lingering floral overtone and a subtle animality that will undoubtedly prompt people to ask "Mmm, what are you wearing?"
  • In a world that can sometimes be disgusting, we evolved an upper tier of emotional longing -- the aspiration for purity -- to keep us balanced in this satyricon of carnal delights where animality beckons and frequently wins.
  • She was not frightened, but appalled, rather, at the human animality of it.
  • Scientists, philosophers and quite a few toilers in the humanities believe—and would have the rest of us believe—that nothing fundamental separates humanity from animality.
  • Other artists can do the muscles and monsters but none capture the physical presence and brute animality of Howard's characters the way Frazetta does.
  • The God, one supposes, didn't "become flesh" in order to extricate our human persons from our bodies, but to infuse (maybe to re-infuse) our mere animality with life-bearing spirit.
  • Le Pont de l'Arc-en-ciel = The Rainbow Bridge (fictional place over which animals go after death); le petit animal à moustaches = the little whiskered animal (the cat); l'animalité (f) = animality; le partage (m) = sharing.