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What is the meaning of ao in Hindi?

Meaning of ao in Hindi is :

Definition of word ao

  • among(st) others (abbreviation)

Examples of word ao

  • A luminous earlier film, "Late August, Early September" ( "Fin ao û t, d é but septembre," 1998), about a group of 30-somethings struggling to move on despite a friend's terminal illness, should not be missed.
  • Curaçao is the largest of the three islands at 65 kilometers (km) long and up to 11 km wide.
  • RBI double Luis Matos that brought Baltimore within ao run and was chased after Deivi Cruz's two-base hit forged a 5-5 tie.
  • T'ao is the ideal of the educated scholar, who prefers a life in the fields to any official post.
  • The Olympic Games held here last year may have influenced the Chinese on the spelling issue, as the character "ao" -- which means "mysterious" or "secret" -- is also used in the expression for the Games, "Aolinpike".
  • If you send a donation be sure to include your name ao I can post a list of the contributers and also return your money if this does not work out.
  • Re tloga re ikgantšha ka maloko ao a ka rego go no swana le maloko a rena a Umkhonto we Sizwe - ge ba re re direla batho ba Afrika Borwa!
  • Tlala le bohloki ke manaba ao a ka go jago ka meno a matelele;
  • And about sabão--the katakana doesn't seem to capture the "ao" sound because it's a long "o" sound instead.
  • 99, HS 43: 14b tell that Kao-tsu ascended the throne at Ting-t'ao, which is on this river Szu.