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What is the meaning of apposition in Hindi?

Meaning of apposition in Hindi is : स‌ंमुखस्थापन

Definition of word apposition

  • A construction in which one noun or noun phrase is placed with another as an explanatory equivalent, either having the same syntactic function in the sentence. (noun)

Examples of word apposition

  • An alternative for 4a, assuming we mean Alia Shawkat to be in apposition, is to repeat the preposition:
  • "Choirs" is so obviously in apposition with "boughs" in the line above ( "Upon those boughs which shake against the cold") that I wonder how anyone could think to take it otherwise than "I am now an old man who not so very long ago was much like a blossoming tree in whose boughs birds warbled sweetly."
  • I-- literally, "I ... my soul," in apposition; the faithful Jews here speak individually.
  • I, even my hands -- so Hebrew (Ps 41: 2), "Thou ... thy hand" (both nominatives, in apposition).
  • Thus the clause, "things which are not" (are regarded as naught), is in apposition with "foolish ... weak ... base (that is, lowborn) and despised things."
  • Rather, "the glory of the country" is in apposition with "cities" which immediately precedes, and the names of which presently follow.
  • Arabs are hereby referred to (compare Jer 25: 23; 49: 32), as the words in apposition show, "that dwell in the wilderness." uncircumcised ... uncircumcised in the heart -- The addition of "in the heart" in Israel's case marks its greater guilt in proportion to its greater privileges, as compared with the rest.
  • This verse is not, as some read it, in apposition with "the end of their conversation" (Heb 13: 7), but forms the transition.
  • Ec 1: 12 shows that "king of Jerusalem" is in apposition, not with "David," but