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What is the meaning of arrogation in Hindi?

Meaning of arrogation in Hindi is : परिग्रहण

Definition of word arrogation

  • The unjust assumption of rights or privilege. (noun)

Examples of word arrogation

  • I shall call that the "arrogation" thesis inasmuch as, presumably, to make ourselves master of the sources of life is to arrogate to ourselves something we ought not to.
  • Everything he had done, things no other president in modern times had managed to do, had been vilified by Republicans as an arrogation of power that stole by degrees the liberty and property of the American people.
  • Even the very term, pro bono — short for pro bono publico (literally, for good or for the public good) — is a misnomer and arrogation on the part of the too often self-admiring attorney and legalclass.
  • An immense arrogation of moral supremacism, based upon selective data and a still more selective and tendentious reading of thatdata.
  • "The structure of the Constitution interposes obstacles by design, in order to prevent the arrogation of power by one branch or one sovereign."
  • But I believe I catch your drift: another contented arrogation, another sneer.