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What is the meaning of attainable in Hindi?

Meaning of attainable in Hindi is : साध्य

Definition of word attainable

  • Able to be achieved, accomplished or obtained. (adjective)

Examples of word attainable

  • I am happy to report that almost all of the recipes have what I refer to as attainable ingredients.
  • Once you identify your authentic expertise, the path toward becoming a successful author may seem clearer and more attainable, which is one of many good reasons to invest your time in the process.
  • They are also a so-called attainable luxury, offering wine and food that is reasonably priced.
  • And without denying the pleasantness of the mode of progression which Mr. Hazlitt, perhaps too enthusiastically, describes as attainable in a background of
  • They are certainly admirable men, award winning heroes, but hardly the kind of attainable role models who young men can recognize with.
  • According to the EU commission press release, Le Plan "continues to deliver results" and the target of saving 25,000 lives on Europe's roads by 2010 is "attainable".
  • He said the company's "attainable" goal is eight hours of active battery life.
  • Hungary's deficit target of 3.8 percent of gross domestic product, approved by the EU and IMF, is "attainable" with changes in spending and revenue plans, said Varga, who a week earlier estimated the shortfall may exceed 7 percent.
  • Hermes envisions a community with mostly single-family homes priced at "attainable" levels, starting at $250,000.