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What is the meaning of auric in Hindi?

Meaning of auric in Hindi is : सुवर्ण सम्बन्धी

Definition of word auric

  • Of or pertaining to trivalent gold. (adjective)

Examples of word auric

  • All gemstones work through the magic of their various colors and shades, which transmit vibrations that alter the electromagnetic fields of what we call the auric and etheric bodies, about which we sadly know very little.
  • It is seen as an oval mass of luminous mist of highly complex structure, and from its shape has sometimes been called the auric egg.
  • Or having a computer with spell check that can even recognize "auric" as a word!
  • Visualize walking into you doctor's office and seeing a "localized field of energy" and "auric chart" right next to the anatomy poster.
  • In some, I flow with discomfort, picking up the auric sparks from the fight across the road.