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What is the meaning of beaucoup in Hindi?

Meaning of beaucoup in Hindi is :

Definition of word beaucoup

  • much, many, a lot of. (determiner)
  • An abundance (noun)
  • In abundance. (adverb)

Examples of word beaucoup

  • "No," she said, "that is the most like him," taking down a miniature by an Italian artist, "_mais il √©tait beaucoup plus beau -- beaucoup -- beaucoup_."
  • The humble "pot √† lait" hinted that a simple "merci beaucoup" is sometimes all it takes ... to say thanks.
  • It was in the position near Thiacourt that the battery took possession of a captured German 77, in good condition and with "beaucoup" ammunition stacked around, and turned it against the retreating Huns.
  • I smiled at some of the terms, as it brought back for me tales told by many friends I know who were in Vietnam for the war - especially "beaucoup," which seemed to be a favorite adopted word.
  • Colleges push this mis-conception because the government gives them beaucoup bucks per student per class for adult education programs.
  • After crushing Newt Gingrich in Florida, the nomination for the Republican primary race was written off as a done deal with Romney all but handed the crown and the beaucoup bouquets reserved for winners.