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What is the meaning of blessing in Hindi?

Meaning of blessing in Hindi is : स्वस्त्ययन

Definition of word blessing

  • some kind of divine or supernatural aid, or reward. (noun)
    किसी प्रकार की दिव्य या अलौकिक सहायता, या इनाम।

Examples of word blessing

  • During a recent conversation with somebody who is sticking to the term blessing, they said that the term inspiration sounds as though it only applies to the description of the process whereby one focuses on a person who has set a constructive encouraging example.
  • That however much a blessing is the birth of this most-beloved boy – and it is, truly, the greatest blessing – it is overwhelming.
  • I tell you Mollie, I misinformed you before, as to Sanctification being necessarily a gradual work, nay I've found out better since, it comes like justification, just as soon as we are ready to receive it, just as soon as we have consecrated all, all to God, then the blessing is there.
  • What a blessing is a wife! — and what a change we have had from hot to coolish weather! — not that the change is applicable in any horrid way, — all I mean is that — damn the application!
  • Mr. ISBELL: That's what they call a blessing and a curse.
  • Human nature is apt to resent in any case having its blessings perpetually thrust in its face; but in this case what they called a blessing, to her seemed the blackest horror of her life; and Zillah's resentment was all the stronger; while all this resentment she naturally vented on the head of the one who had become her husband.
  • He has had a decade to benefit from what he calls the blessing of Albert.''