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What is the meaning of bult in Hindi?

Meaning of bult in Hindi is :

Definition of word bult

Examples of word bult

  • He had even bult a small swimming pool for their exercise and pleasure.
  • Well done to those who have bult the database and then made it available on the Internet.
  • (This is why the petitioners won the argument against an Israeli army officer who bult a wall through peoples 'orchards).
  • I agree that boys need education that is bult around how boys learn. marie suriano
  • Our next accellerator will probably have to get bult inside the moon!
  • WE destroyed that perfect state by rebelling and God in His love and wisdom bult a bridge back to Him called Jesus Christ.
  • The Lightset Repair Gun has a voltage detector in the tip, an electrical continuity detector and a bult/fuse tester, all to help you find where the problem is.
  • When the observatory was bult in the early 20th century the location was undeveloped.
  • They were all producing a play after school, so I hung around as they rehearsed and bult sets, drinking Diet Coke and exchanging stories.