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What is the meaning of casinos in Hindi?

Meaning of casinos in Hindi is :

Definition of word casinos

  • Plural form of casino. (noun)

Examples of word casinos

  • Upon learning that one of the major churches/casinos is raffling off a piece of the Holy Cross, she conceives a plan to save the farm.
  • A further expansion of its Queensland state casinos is also being considered and could involve the demerged group sourcing more equity funding in 12-18 months time, Tabcorp said.
  • He said the struggling resort city desperately needs new gambling outlets, but the $1 billion to $1.5 billion cost of mega-casinos is making building them all but impossible.
  • The ONLY difference between the Wall Street and the Las Vegas casinos is the address (and some of the nomenclature):
  • SHAPIRO: You know, you mentioned that Kim Jong Il's older son was sort of shut out of the power structure and is now sometimes spotted in casinos in Macau, and I have to wonder whether that's a better fate than ruling North Korea.
  • WA state (a liberal state) fights it by making it a C FELONY despite the fact that gambling is perfectly legal in casinos throughout thestate. but they need to protect us from EVIL INTERNET GAMBLING
  • About 57 percent of registered voters surveyed said the arrival of slots casinos is a "good thing," while 32 percent say it is a "bad thing," the poll found.
  • Sure have noticed the increase in casinos, though … by anno
  • Some players spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month—they're called "whales" inside Zynga, the same term casinos use for high rollers.
  • Now he's periodically spotted in casinos in Macau.