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What is the meaning of charter in Hindi?

Meaning of charter in Hindi is : सनद

Definition of word charter

  • a document issued by some authority, creating a public or private institution, and defining its purposes and privileges (noun)
    किसी प्राधिकरण द्वारा जारी किया गया एक दस्तावेज, एक सार्वजनिक या निजी संस्थान बनाना, और इसके उद्देश्यों और विशेषाधिकारों को परिभाषित करना
  • leased or hired (adjective)
    पट्टे पर दिया या किराए पर लिया गया
  • to grant or establish a charter (verb)
    एक चार्टर प्रदान करना या स्थापित करना

Examples of word charter

  • The Associated Merchants Mutual Insurance Company, Associated a corporation whose charter expired August ninth, nine - Muuiafinsur - teen hundred and twenty, by virtue of section thirty-one of charter°?
  • The trend has become so big that Edmonton, for example, has 31 alternative schools as well as independent non-profits that operate under the term "charter school" through an agreement with the provincial government.
  • Just the word charter or private does not mean the school is a success.
  • I think the charter is a step toward some change, as are discussions like these - they can be consciousness-raising, illuminating, and informative.
  • If your interest lies in killing the space agency, then eliminating this from our charter is the quickest and surest way to achieve that goal. mike
  • But he also notes, "The word 'charter' on a schoolhouse door reveals no more about a school's quality than the word 'restaurant' on a sign tells you about the food inside."
  • Another fish that you could expect to catch if you get a charter is the bluefin tuna.