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What is the meaning of chaud in Hindi?

Meaning of chaud in Hindi is :

Definition of word chaud

Examples of word chaud

  • A good sleep did more for Mr. Jorrocks than the doctor, and when the "médecin" called in the morning, and repeated the injunction "encore l'eau chaud," he bellowed out, "Cuss your _l'eau chaud_, my stomach ain't a reserwoir!
  • Twilight listening with a vin chaud is also nice, don’t you agree, Miette? from a listener on the half flip side of the world … mtte.
  • The water taps, with their four-prong handles and porcelain tops, read "chaud" and "froid" and are as charming as the delicate scalloped vasque* beneath them.
  • Il fait chaud ici -- It's hot here, she says, pinching her wool pants.
  • A couple of raised eyebrows later I was told it's "J'ai chaud" (literally "I have heat") because the other means "I'm hot to trot!"
  • But when I first came to France I said (like a lot of Americans) "Je suis chaud" to mean "I feel warm."