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What is the meaning of cheerfulness in Hindi?

Meaning of cheerfulness in Hindi is : प्रसन्न्ता

Definition of word cheerfulness

  • The state of being cheerful; joy. (noun)
    हर्षित होने की अवस्था; हर्ष।

Examples of word cheerfulness

  • You assume, in your essay, that cheerfulness is a good thing.
  • A imee Mann wrote this in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago: Paul McCartney's relentless cheerfulness is depressing.
  • Wilder's Wonka had the basic cheerfulness from the book, but was more languid; Willy Wonka on 'ludes.
  • These disasters were enough to discourage anyone, but the cheerful bearing of the Commander was an example to all of us-for cheerfulness is the key-note of success in moments like these.
  • We felt a great security while he was guiding our destinies, and worked on in cheerfulness and in hope.
  • I am sure the removal of these trees will make the general appearance of the house increase in cheerfulness; and I can now only recommend you strongly to take care that your rooms are well ventilated, by the windows being always opened in fine weather, whenever the rooms are unoccupied, for, I repeat, though you laughed at my former assertion, that a free circulation of air is essential both to health and happiness.
  • This cheerfulness is the opposite of the marvellous “naivete” of the older Greeks, which we must see, in accordance with its given characteristics, as the flowering of Apollonian culture, blossoming out of a dark abyss, as the victory over suffering and the wisdom of suffering, which the Hellenic will gains through its ability to mirror beauty.’
  • Just in the course of that one scene, he managed to show that Stacey never calls anyone by their name (she says “the big guy” in lieu of “Chewbacca”), and I loved Han’s inner monologue about how her cheerfulness is even more annoying than Luke’s.