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What is the meaning of coincidental in Hindi?

Meaning of coincidental in Hindi is : संयोगात्मक

Definition of word coincidental

  • Occurring as or resulting from coincidence. (adjective)
    संयोग से उत्पन्न या उत्पन्न होना।

Examples of word coincidental

  • How coincidental is it that it falls on the eve of the inauguration of our first black president?
  • While it seems to be coincidental, the German word for 'Song' would be 'Lied', which actually is neuter.
  • And how coincidental is it that he just happens to be working with Angus Scrimm, star of my all time favorite horror film ‘Phantasm.’
  • That resulted in coincidental roughing minors for Crosby and Kovalev, an ex-Penguin.
  • I’m reading Groundswell at the moment, and call it coincidental but I’ve had a couple of very positive experiences with brands this week that I’d like to share.
  • I sincerely hoped that the name was coincidental and had nothing to do with any sort of Halloween-inspired massacres at my new home.