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What is the meaning of comme in Hindi?

Meaning of comme in Hindi is :

Definition of word comme

Examples of word comme

  • It is a little cube of bronze; or, like the body of the Capitaine Beausire, 'plein comme un oeuf, dur comme une balle' -- dur surtout!
  • You see, Aunt Hobson, she’s very kind, you know, and all that, but I don’t think she’s what you call comme il faut.”
  • You see, Aunt Hobson, she's very kind, you know, and all that, but I don't think she's what you call comme il faut. "
  • At the same time Tolstoy had to put up with the worry of the conventionalities to which his life, as one of the gentry, was subjected; to one of which, the so-called comme il faut, he dedicates a whole chapter in Youth.
  • THEY could scarcely be called comme il faut, at all; though, to own the truth, I am afraid there is tant soit peu de vulgarity about all WORKED pocket-handkerchiefs.
  • Sur le devant de la scène depuis plus de 10 ans, Mark a bâtit sa réputation via des releases sur des labels comme Pure Plastic, Ingoma, Soma ou Zenit.
  • Comme me le fait remarquer Suw, la simple présence d’une phrase comme celle-ci, dans un article sur les weblogs, en dit bien long…
  • I would say "comme ci, comme ça", only it's not quite "comme" anything.
  • On that topic he's kind of comme ci, comme ca. Instead, he's worried about the overall state of his team, a concern that has caused him sleepless nights since the Jays left Baltimore last Sunday with their tail between their legs following a 4-2 loss that left them 2-8 on their trip.
  • Je parle aussi de sujet comme choisir mutuelle ou comme mutuelle chiens.