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What is the meaning of confidant in Hindi?

Meaning of confidant in Hindi is : हमराज़

Definition of word confidant

  • a person in whom one can confide or share one's secrets: a friend (noun)

Examples of word confidant

  • His closest advisor and confidant is his wife and thereby FAIR GAME! tired of the election
  • For over a decade, Mubarak has not served alongside a vice president, but today, he appointed Omar Suleiman, the country's intelligence chief and a long term confidant of the president, to the post.
  • In the wake of her latest heartbreak, Jennifer Aniston has again sought solace in her long-term confidant and former Friends costar Courteney Cox.
  • But Robin Turner, the Vines's A&R man and long-term confidant at their UK label Heavenly, always thought his habit was a hindrance, not a help.
  • In a sketch, the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank focuses on a top McCain confidant, Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard chief who is now one of the Republican’s most visible surrogates.
  • But now, with quite a bit of fanfare, Rogers is planning to call the confidant of Speaker Nancy Pelosi out on the mat, or at least the House floor.
  • A journal takes the place of a confidant, that is, of friend or wife; it becomes a substitute for production, a substitute for country and public.
  • Known as a confidant of Jobs, the soft-spoken Ive has led Apple's design team since 1996 and was among the few who survived brutal staff cuts Jobs made when he returned to Apple in late 1997.