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What is the meaning of confidante in Hindi?

Meaning of confidante in Hindi is : अंतरंग (सखी

Definition of word confidante

  • a female confidant (noun)

Examples of word confidante

  • Jackson, his chief of staff and confidante, is revered as someone who can deliver him news that he won't hear from anyone else.
  • Kenneth M. Duberstein, the former Reagan chief of staff and McCain confidante who made an 11th-hour endorsement of Mr. Obama.
  • Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, said that with a close Putin confidante now starting a five year term as Moscow's mayor, it is clear where power really lies in Russia today.
  • Trevor removed fiscal authority from Mulla Shakur who served as Shuja's main confidante while pensioning in Ludiana.
  • At this present their go-between and confidante is a slave-girl who hath till now kept their counsel, but I fear lest haply anxiety get the better of her and she discover their secret to some one and the matter, being bruited abroad, might bring me to great grief and prove the cause of my ruin; for I have no excuse to offer my accusers.
  • The reflections and soliloquies of Artamène recur; but a not unimportant, although subordinate, new character appears -- not as the first example, but as the foremost representative, in the novel, of the great figure of the "confidante" -- in Martésie, Mandane's chief maid of honour.
  • My confidante was my former business partner Adam.
  • But that was to name confidante James Baker Secretary of State just days after the election.