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What is the meaning of confident in Hindi?

Meaning of confident in Hindi is : साहसी

Definition of word confident

  • very sure of something; positive (adjective)
  • Obsolete form of confidant. (noun)

Examples of word confident

    • V. iv.8 (521,1) the confident tyrant/Keeps still in Dunsinane, and will endure/Our setting down before't] He was _confident_ of success; so
    • Tom Quinn, a longtime political adviser, said Mr. Brown began the term confident that what had worked before would again.
    • On top, her expression confident, Sumi lowered her head.
    • We remain confident about our future and believe that we are on track to achieve our medium-term goals, Mr. Grubel said in a statement.
    • Over confident is the correct term ..... weak and naive Obama understands nothing about war, he only knows how to spend money we don't have.
    • Firstly, always remain confident and resolute when addressing someone who you believe has wronged you.
    • More confident is a good way to describe the president's mood when it comes to the overall economic outlook; extraordinarily cautious - his choice of words when looking at the economy from the perspective the matters most of everyday Americans.
    • "We remain confident in the safety and nutrition of our products, and we are in the process of responding to the letter and providing the additional information FDA requested," the company said.
    • And romantic it certainly was — the fog, like the grey shadow of infinite mystery, brooding over the whirling speck of earth; and men, mere motes of light and sparkle, cursed with an insane relish for work, riding their steeds of wood and steel through the heart of the mystery, groping their way blindly through the Unseen, and clamouring and clanging in confident speech the while their hearts are heavy with incertitude and fear.