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What is the meaning of corresponding in Hindi?

Meaning of corresponding in Hindi is : स‌ंवादी

Definition of word corresponding

  • Present participle of correspond. (verb)
  • action of the verb to correspond (noun)
  • that have a similar relationship (adjective)

Examples of word corresponding

  • To put the point with a slight risk of anachronism (since Plato does not have a term corresponding to our “aesthetics”), he does not think that aesthetics is separable from ethics.
  • It may be stated in explanation that, among all the American Indians, any phenomenon which exerted a powerful influence upon the physical and nervous system was designated by a term corresponding to the term medicine in other languages.
  • In 1505, by a royal decree of 14 April of that year, he had received Spanish naturalization, and a decree of 6 August, 1508, named him piloto mayor de España, a title corresponding to the modern one of head of the admiralty, and which was borne by Vespucci until his death.
  • In the capital of the empire the Taoist priesthood includes: two Tao-lu-sze, superiors, a title corresponding with that of the Buddhists, seng-lu-sze; two Cheng-i, Taoists of right simplicity; two Yen-fa, ritual Taoists; two Che-ling, Taoists of great excellence, thaumaturgus; and two Che-i, Taoists of great probity, an inferior class of priests.
  • The muskets, when carried by the men on the journey, are marked each with a label corresponding to the rack where it is to stand in the ship.
  • The HighlightActiveWindow is lauched in a label corresponding to the HighlightActiveTable timer.
  • The tenant remains in possession, and continues to pay rent as before, and becomes, from sufferance, a tenant from year to year, which can only be terminated by one party or the other giving the necessary six months’ notice to quit at the term corresponding with the commencement of the original tenancy.
  • -- a title corresponding with that of an army corps commander in
  • Nobody seems interested in corresponding with you on this question so here is what I would do if I were you.