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What is the meaning of cousin in Hindi?

Meaning of cousin in Hindi is : मौसेरा

Definition of word cousin

  • The son or daughter of a person’s uncle or aunt; a first cousin. (noun)

Examples of word cousin

  • I. v.32 (37, 6) good cousin Capulet] This _cousin_ Capulet is _unkle_ in the paper of invitation; but as Capulet is described as old, _cousin_ is probably the right word in both places.
  • I guess my cousin is the one who got all the high-end artistic appreciation skillz.
  • Sorry but my cousin is a retired officer as are several of his friends and I get my info from them.
  • As mentioned in my earlier posts, my cousin is a writer, comedian, and producer living and performing in New York.
  • Micah finding out that his cousin is a super is something happening.
  • Gator, my cousin is a veterinarian and is the same. the only thing that grosses her out is drool.
  • As mentioned below, it shows a modern Native child; it also shows traditions, such as a powwow and jingle dancing, balanced with modern ways (a cousin is a lawyer, the video of grandmother.)
  • "So – my cousin is your wife, I think you were saying?"