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What is the meaning of creature in Hindi?

Meaning of creature in Hindi is : सृष्टि

Definition of word creature

  • A created thing, whether animate or inanimate; a creation. (noun)

Examples of word creature

  • When I used the term creature, I was intuitively referring to the notion of strange/unnatural velocities of transformations within systems.
  • In this 2009 horror movie -- which I advise you not to watch -- an insanely evil doctor abducts three people (a man and two women) in order to conduct a hideous experiment: he transforms them into the title creature by removing their kneecaps and grafting them together, mouth to anus.
  • The lessons come in more abstract forms too, like the title creature or man? of “Amanitas,” who submits to an unspecified temptation and is subsequently punished by his ambiguous female temptress.
  • White Pongo – the title creature a legendary white gorilla.
  • Kishida's older sister Eriko Kishida was a poet and children's book author and her cousin Shin Kishida played the title creature in Michio Yamamoto's 1971 film LAKE OF THE VAMPIRE.
  • There are one or two CGI shots – and one very effective money shot of the title creature – but this is perfect low budget film making.
  • By the term creature, I mean that which has been created; as, a dog, water, dirt.