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What is the meaning of deliverance in Hindi?

Meaning of deliverance in Hindi is : मुक्ति

Definition of word deliverance

  • Act of delivering, the state of being delivered, or something delivered. (noun)
    वितरित करने की क्रिया, सुपुर्द करने की अवस्था या कुछ वितरित किया जाना।

Examples of word deliverance

  • All his deliverance is ascribed to God, and this sublime poetical representation is given to inspire the pious with confidence and the wicked with dread.
  • Rudy McBagel: im sure chucky raped ned beaty in deliverance
  • There is not going to be any deliverance from the global warming crisis (or any other crisis, real or imagined) through the efforts of any individual or group.
  • Brad: The deliverance from the Assyrians had already taken place prior to the birth of Christ.
  • To Trapped Chilean Miners SAN JOSE MINE, Chile — A powerful rescue drill broke through to the deep underground chamber where 33 miners have been tr apped for more than two months, signaling that their deliverance is closer than ever at hand.
  • If they desire to discriminate unlawfully in deliverance of their “social services,” tell them to take a hike.
  • Screw you guys!!!! matt it was a spoof of the rape scene in deliverance if you want to know. every single rape scene was a spoof of a rape scene in a movie.