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What is the meaning of denial in Hindi?

Meaning of denial in Hindi is : सन्यास

Definition of word denial

  • The negation in logic (noun)

Examples of word denial

  • Professionals in the field use the term denial to describe this psychological response in which the self shields itself from feelings it cannot bear.
  • For her to be in denial is now making her look more like Bush than anything.
  • I think the chasm between reality based people and those in denial is growing so wide that people are now shouting across it …
  • In fact trying to find a "mainstream Democrat" politician who will come out with a public statement regarding the fact that his champions are simply in denial is not that easy.
  • The word denial came to mind, but for once I buttoned my lip.
  • When I use the term denial industry, I'm referring to those who are paid to say that manmade global warming isn't happening.