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What is the meaning of discussion in Hindi?

Meaning of discussion in Hindi is : शास्त्रार्थ

Definition of word discussion

  • Conversation or debate concerning a particular topic. (noun)

Examples of word discussion

  • The reason I engaged Abb1 in discussion, is that he is also engaged.
  • Last time I checked, FORTY YEARS in discussion is a pretty long time, yea man, it really is, wipe that astonished look off your face.
  • Thinking about the whole thing today it seems to me that much of the medical discussion is code for underlying social and moral beliefs.
  • I did kind of allude to the whole Warboy thing in the title discussion?
  • Once you realize that a co-participant in discussion is not participating in good faith, but rather is promoting a particular agenda, you begin to anticipate the position of the ideologue before he speaks it.
  • When the ideologue satisfies your prediction, dismissal may be an all too easy response, since engaging in discussion is likely to end only in both sides repeating their viewpoints ad infinitum.
  • Managing the client relationship, while promoting discussion is high risk wire act. until the value in discussion can be quantified.
  • This general participation in discussion is unquestionably more in keeping with the independence and equality of states than was the previous procedure.