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What is the meaning of dispensation in Hindi?

Meaning of dispensation in Hindi is : व्यवस्था करना

Definition of word dispensation

  • The act of dispensing or dealing out; distribution; often used of the distribution of good and evil by God to man, or more generically, of the acts and modes of his administration. (noun)
    वितरण या व्यवहार करने का कार्य; वितरण; अक्सर भगवान द्वारा मनुष्य को अच्छाई और बुराई के वितरण के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जाता है, या अधिक सामान्य रूप से, उसके प्रशासन के कृत्यों और तरीकों के बारे में।

Examples of word dispensation

  • Blacks actually believed they would get some special dispensation from a black president.
  • This new dispensation is likely to strike many of us as chaotic -- Grossman is being disingenuous when he writes that "None of this is good or bad," since he surely knows most of his readers judge it to be bad indeed -- especially those of us who want some of those "conventional criteria for literary value" to survive.
  • Her marriage, crafted with diplomatic panache and a dispensation from the pope, had a rocky start, but soon the couple fell in love.
  • The following day, Deb got special dispensation from the principal and took Gunner to school with her.
  • Federico also fasted according to all vigils ordered by the Church, without exception, even when for reasons of health he had received special dispensation from the pope.
  • PS - I know its old news but in today ` s Guardian Geoffrey Wheatcroft rehearses the extent to which the current electoral dispensation is stacked against the Conservative Party.
  • Cordial relations will not be resumed until the a a fair dispensation is re-established.
  • The $100,000 short film Sanctuary has been seeking a dispensation from the MEAA since January to allow professional actors to participate in the production.