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What is the meaning of encore in Hindi?

Meaning of encore in Hindi is : फिर से!

Definition of word encore

  • A brief extra performance, done after the main performance is complete. (noun)
  • Please perform again! (interjection)
  • To call for an extra performance or repetition. (verb)

Examples of word encore

  • I found that a lot of composers in this project wanted to redefine the term 'encore.'
  • The Purpose Prize recognizes social innovators over 60 years old who are engaged in what it calls encore careers, solving social issues.
  • Some positive reviews might mean a Super Bowl encore is on the way.
  • Similarly, when you're listening to music played across a century from the ghost of a drowning ship, to allow your musicians to return for an encore is ... not quite right.
  • Actually, what we're doing for an encore is having the whole fambly come down for a day or two.
  • January 12, 2005 10: 09 antitext: ooh. look it's orbital. good stuff! and for those interested, and mp3 of the encore from the last orbital show can be found here.
  • It was about 1710 that the word encore was introduced at the operatic performances in the Haymarket, and very much objected to by plain - going Englishmen.
  • It’s not often that the encore is truly a showstopper above and beyond the preceding program’s actual content, but it was here.