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What is the meaning of enjoyable in Hindi?

Meaning of enjoyable in Hindi is : सुखदायक

Definition of word enjoyable

  • Pleasant, capable of giving pleasure. (adjective)
    सुखद, सुख देने में सक्षम।

Examples of word enjoyable

  • Waugh said he was also looking forward to his personal contest with Schalk Burger at the breakdown, which he describes as enjoyable and always tough.
  • Particularly enjoyable is George V's first Christmas broadcast in 1932: I am speaking to the children above all.
  • What's enjoyable is how Tidhar focuses on one object -- shoes -- and how it represents a larger theme.
  • Temperatures remain enjoyable in the upper 70s to, perhaps, low 80s.
  • Monday shapes up as partly to mostly sunny as temperatures remain enjoyable with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s.
  • There are so many ways to do this, but one I find truly enjoyable is reading The Optimists Creed.
  • Placing pleasing photographs from the past on a website and encouraging the independent preservation of borough buildings, while enjoyable, is largely passive and only one facet of what we think is possible both through the Beachwood Historical Alliance and the borough at large.