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What is the meaning of explorations in Hindi?

Meaning of explorations in Hindi is :

Definition of word explorations

  • Plural form of exploration. (noun)

Examples of word explorations

  • Its legacy now, perhaps in the best spirit of all great explorations, is how it speaks to the private imaginations, dreams, inspirations, of those of us who watched and learned what is possible ...
  • The best examples of this are found in explorations of manufactured colors. reference Even without widespread acceptance of new theories in chemistry — assumptions about elements, or measurement, or phlogiston-based theories of coloration — the focus on colormaking as a chemical operation grew during the eighteenth century.
  • The wonderment is found in explorations of the human condition.
  • He is such a thorough clergyman, and never had my imagination; he calls my explorations
  • * Extensive tips and techniques for making students feel at ease and eager to learn * Convenient teacher directions include how to introduce the lesson, multicultural connections, word explorations, estensions, and instructions for using the same activity at a variety of levels.
  • And the teaching conglomerate was originally supposed to span the east coast, pulling teachers from all the states that I had been a part of, like DC, North Carolina, Virginia and New York, and pulling them into these teaching situations, so this summer will be our initial launching of dance explorations, which is our summer intensive in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • It would require a great effort of memory to recall my explorations in at all the proper order.
  • Some of my explorations are a big drain on the corporations.