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What is the meaning of fait in Hindi?

Meaning of fait in Hindi is :

Definition of word fait

  • Common misspelling of fate. (noun)

Examples of word fait

  • A ton of fea water contains from a bufliel to a bu (hel and a quarter of fea fait, befidc a certain proportion of the vitriolic fait*.
  • Or maybe you want a large pot—called a fait-tout—that holds about twelve quarts if you need to boil large amounts of pasta or make stock frequently.
  • Also, we'd decided our best strategy was to present what Ginny called a fait accompli.
  • It's what those cheese eatin 'surrender monkeys call a fait accompli.
  • Therefore their annointing ftinketh which is without the fait, that is, the word of God.
  • First, his candidacy was introduced to the state as a kind of fait accompli, something Granite State voters resent even more than they do those pushy New Yorkers.
  • FARZAD: Well, the market is pricing in some manner of rate cut whether it's a half a point or a quarter of a point is kind of fait accompli at this point but you can read the tea leaves either way.
  • Quedahs'la ville en feu I'on n'eiit ricn 'fait' 'sans
  • Some of the men too were occupied in faking of cod; for there being two Newfoundland fifhermen in the Centurion, the commodore fet them about laying in a confiderable quantity of falted cod for a lea-ftorc, though very little or it was ufed, as it was afterward thought to be as productive of the fcurvy, as any other kind of fait provifions.
  • Il fait tout ce qui depend de lui pour supprimer la premiere et assurer la seconde.