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What is the meaning of fauna in Hindi?

Meaning of fauna in Hindi is : प्राणिता

Definition of word fauna

  • animals considered as a group; especially those of a particular country, region, time, etc. (noun)

Examples of word fauna

  • To be noted among the fauna is the endemic venado de páramo (Mazana americana carrikeri), and the león colorado (Felis concolor bangsi).
  • "The fact that there isn't living fauna is a signal that something happened to these sites and these sediments," Joye said in a phone interview Friday.
  • The list of endangered or near extinct fauna is extensive.
  • In south China, the Ailuropoda–Stegodon fauna is a very general one and includes a relatively stable suite of genera that apparently persisted for long periods of time.
  • The park is rich in fauna and includes 68 species of mammals, 422 of birds, 38 of reptiles, and 18 of amphibians, a large number of which are threatened or vulnerable.
  • The fauna is also very diverse with a high occurrence of endemism.
  • I've got a whole fauna from the Bluffport Marl (Demopolis Chalk) of Sumter County, Alabama waiting to be prepared and described (including a large marine turtle and the youngest Cretaceous bird from Alabama).
  • The fauna is fairly typical of West African forests and the park contains 47 of the 54 species of large mammal known to occur in Guinean rain forest including five threatened species.
  • The fauna is typically Amazonian with many species reaching the western limit of their distribution.