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What is the meaning of fortitude in Hindi?

Meaning of fortitude in Hindi is : साहस

Definition of word fortitude

  • Mental or emotional strength that enables courage in the face of adversity. (noun)

Examples of word fortitude

  • That internal fortitude is one of the most powerful things you can possess as a writer.
  • Finally a state legislator with some intestinal fortitude is attempting to repeal the requirement that one has to obtain a pistol permit from the county sheriff before one may buy a handgun (or crossbow).
  • I hope that our Farmers understand that out in the country as a whole, we are with them and that our admiration for their fortitude is boundless.
  • I thought I should have fainted; but a torrent of tears recalled the ebbing current of my heart, and I grew proud in fortitude, though humbled in self-love.
  • Strengthened thus in fortitude, she descended chearfully to supper, where Mr. Tyrold, though he saw with pain that her spirits were constrained, felt the fondest satisfaction in the virtue of her exertion.
  • Pursue me, persecute me no longer, but suffer me to abide by myself, till my fortitude is better strengthened to meet my destiny! '
  • Each now, separately, and with nearly equal difficulty, strove to attain fortitude to seek an explanation.
  • The mercenaries of the caliph were dismayed at the approach of an enemy who neither asked nor accepted quarter; and the difference between, them in fortitude and patience, is expressive of the change which three centuries of prosperity had effected in the character of the Arabians.