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What is the meaning of fossil in Hindi?

Meaning of fossil in Hindi is : रूढ़िवादि व्यक्ति

Definition of word fossil

  • The mineralized remains of an animal or plant. (noun)
    किसी जानवर या पौधे का खनिजयुक्त अवशेष।

Examples of word fossil

  • Corallines much resemble fossil or petrified wood; and we recollect to have received from the landlady of an inn at Portsmouth a small branch of _fossil wood_, which she asserted to be _coral_, and
  • Only the woefully ignorant think that the term fossil is restricted to bones and other body parts that have become encased in stone.
  • The term fossil refers to any preserved remains or imprint of a living organism (usually ancient), such as a bone, shell, footprint, or leaf impression.
  • Our oxygen does derive from CO2, however, with the remaining carbon mostly spread about in little bits of graphite in the crust, plus a few smidges in higher concentrations, which we call fossil fuels.
  • If we want to hold temperatures below a 2°C rise, the key factor is not how much we burn in fossil fuels each year, but the cumulative emissions over centuries (because once we release carbon molecules from being buried under the ground, they tend to stay in the carbon cycle for centuries).
  • Shows up everywhere: e.g. leaf damage in fossil leaves at PETM.
  • A newly unearthed fossil is the missing link between land and marine mammals: Standing two to three feet tall on legs adapted to wade through shallow water, the 48-million-year-old Indohyus is the missing link between modern-day whales and their land-lubbing ancestors.
  • And it shows up everywhere: e.g. leaf damage in fossil leaves at PETM.