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What is the meaning of fossilise in Hindi?

Meaning of fossilise in Hindi is : रूढ़िवादी होना

Definition of word fossilise

  • Alternative spelling of fossilize. (verb)

Examples of word fossilise

  • Anyway the dunes are younger and would appear to be able to tell us about climate changes that may have occured in the area - this includes looking for 'fossilise' hirax poo but these are rare.
  • As I have mentioned before – it took 20 million years to capture and fossilise the forests and micro-organisms of the Carboniferous Period - giving us our coal and oil.
  • • Giving certainty of funding when long-term investment is needed but does not fossilise funding at the expense of innovation;
  • But intent doesn't fossilise, not even in bog bodies :- And as you say, the boundaries blur because human behaviour is rarely clear cut.
  • This doesn't mean endlessly harking back to the past or attempting to fossilise traditions or keep up childish things....it involves celebrating each passing year, noting it, remembering things as part of something alive and valuable.
  • He had reached his zenith, I suppose: had begun to fossilise, as men do when they cease to grow.
  • There is a problem identifying reproductively isolated species from fossil taxa because the biological properties that make one population isolated from another do not fossilise.