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What is the meaning of frappe in Hindi?

Meaning of frappe in Hindi is :

Definition of word frappe

  • Liqueur poured over shaved ice. (noun)

Examples of word frappe

  • But they're from in/near Boston, where they use the term frappe (rhymes with cap) for proper (ice-creamful) milk shakes.
  • I appear to have missed the "frappe" setting, and for this, I am truly glad.
  • I could also tell you the tale of the "frappe," but I'm afraid I'm skating too close to the ban on dialect jokes.
  • The same thing happened with Starbucks: They came out with 'Frappuccino,' and competitors clamored to use the same portmanteau of 'frappe' and
  • Best Cappucino on the planet and best cold coffee/choclate frappe for the afternoon lag, great fresh fruit for breakfast ......
  • I tend to go with some form of iced coffee blended drink - frappe/frappacino/whatever along with a decent bit of scrambled egg, bacon and toast.