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What is the meaning of goodluck in Hindi?

Meaning of goodluck in Hindi is :

Definition of word goodluck

Examples of word goodluck

  • It's the Christmas that will set the tone for the rest ... it's when traditions begin ... goodluck JC.
  • The stakes were high, and he would soon have found himself a considerable loser, had not what is usually called goodluck, that undefinable, but propitious friend, proved his better genius, and by almost constantly supplying an uncommon run of successful cards, remedied the mental abstraction which otherwise must have created no small degree of surprise, and rendered him an object of embarrassing observation to those who were accustomed to regard him as their superior on similar occasions.
  • If that is the kind of America they desire, I wish them goodluck.
  • The buy out clause wouldn't be there unless he wanted a get out of jail card, and for it to be there after so many years at the club is either an oversight by someone at the club or Torres' way of saying 'I have done my bit, here's some dosh, goodbye and goodluck' - 'I like you, I wish you well, but I've met someone else.'
  • Posted March 11, 2010 at 07: 02 | Permalink hello! is this the f-secure anti-virus that has been on the scene since my college years? if it is, well, its a good thing! it was very effective back in the old DOS day .. its a nice feeling that f-secure is still around … goodluck guys!
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  • Wow goodluck in your endeavor and may Bathala inspire you always!!
  • On the other hand, if you think an issue that puts a split between Ken Starr and Liz Cheney is going to help the GOP, goodluck.
  • If you draft briefs to conform to your own wishes rather than to the expectation of judges, goodluck.