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What is the meaning of goodwill in Hindi?

Meaning of goodwill in Hindi is : सुनाम

Definition of word goodwill

  • A favorably disposed attitude toward someone or something. (noun)
    किसी के प्रति या किसी चीज के प्रति अनुकूल व्यवहार।

Examples of word goodwill

  • Formerly, accountants used the term goodwill to refer to an intangible business asset, such as a well-regarded business name, brand, or symbol, acquired in a merger.
  • (Turner's payment included another $1 million in "goodwill" money for the Department of Homeland Security.)
  • When the USSR finally pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989, the US was presented with a great opportunity to help the Afghan people and to gain some long-term goodwill towards the US.
  • So at this point, what you pay for is not goodwill from the party in power, but rather specific actions on specific legislation.
  • We are convinced that any signs of improvement or goodwill from the government and its leaders will be met with understanding and support from the Chinese people and will be effective in moving Chinese society in a peaceful direction.
  • Although Avatar had my goodwill from the first episode, when it introduced Toph in the second book, my goodwill became distilled and pure.
  • The setup has cost her in goodwill, an important political currency.
  • Governments have an uncanny knack of turning willing volunteers into ‘pressed men’ and ruin goodwill in the process. on February 3, 2010 at 7: 58 pm Bob