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What is the meaning of grabe in Hindi?

Meaning of grabe in Hindi is :

Definition of word grabe

Examples of word grabe

  • Ine daw kun karuyag han iba nga mga nasud, sugad han Pilipinas nga malikyan an pinaka grabe nga epekto han pagbabag-o han klima.
  • Hey Anthony, grabe an odd number of middle america GP's, a lawyer, few typists and and accountant.
  • October 5, 2008 at 4:15 pm teh wabbit iz in grabe danjur
  • September 16, 2008 at 6:42 am ifink iz bery grabe situashun
  • Iz naim fur g8 gma hoo wud probly spin in hur grabe at da onur ub uze hur naim.
  • A fyoo guis inna contist fur kal n der remynded me ob James, teh grabe digger, sush a strawng bodee *swoon* He startid sho wiff 4 persint bodee fat adn lawst bowt 45 powns, butts still wuz teh buff :drool:
  • A grade of “A” means you learned all the material; a grabe of “B” means you learned most of it and so on.
  • Reuters notes that English speakers usually pronounce it "abu-grabe."
  • I may continue an intriguing word list as a record of those words that somehow manage to engage and grabe me to keep coming back to them and find out what they're really about.
  • Marster took up some planks, an 'dug a hole like a grabe and buried a big iron box with all them things in it; then he put back the planks.