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What is the meaning of gratify in Hindi?

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Meaning of gratify in Hindi is : सुखद होना

Definition of word gratify

  • To please. (verb)

Examples of word gratify

  • Hence an important means towards happiness is the control of our desires, and the extinction of those that we cannot gratify, which is brought about by virtue.
  • And my husband will be happy in the enjoyment of every expensive taste which a poor man call gratify, for the first time in his life.
  • (26 May) was thought a fitting opportunity for asking for a further loan of £100,000 to enable her majesty to pay and "gratify" the seamen who had so gallantly warded off invasion and to refit the fleet.
  • Their victory over difficulties affords the most rational cause of triumph, and the attainment of new ideas leads to incalculable riches, such as gratify the glorious avarice of aspiring and comprehensive minds.
  • Such a mission, he believed, would not only advance the cause of science but enhance American prestige, polish the Navy's image and "gratify the whole Christian world" not to mention impel his own becalmed career.
  • Mavis is the classic narcissist: cut off from objective reality, lacking any concern for other people, insecure in private but willing in public to ride roughshod over anyone and everything in order to gratify her whims.
  • Another mother described herself as 'constantly upset', but making a Herculean effort to gratify her year 14-year-old daughter anyway.
  • Being offered several times, refusing politely, then at last "Maybe just one, they look soooo good!" was supposed to gratify the hostess into thinking that she really was such a good cook, she'd managed to overcome the ladylike appetite ( "I only exist on air") of the visitor, and the visitor maintains her rep for not being greedy.

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