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What is the meaning of gratifying in Hindi?

Meaning of gratifying in Hindi is : सुखदायक

Definition of word gratifying

  • Present participle of gratify. (verb)

Examples of word gratifying

  • The key to what makes this novel so gratifying is character.
  • Equally gratifying is to hear you spell out the rationale in these terms:
  • What has been so gratifying is knowing – and seeing – the results of what would become a personal lifelong mission to spread the good word about hunting to other women while also doing my best to convince men that yes, women belonged beside them in the field.
  • And the people who are back here now are mostly eally determined to make this work, despite the obstactles, a certain gratifying stubborness at work.
  • To say homecoming was extremely gratifying is to infinitely understate the magnitude of feeling.
  • The results are in gratifying agreement with those which have been found in other contexts.
  • Barbarians accustomed to place their freedom in gratifying the present passion, and their courage in overlooking all future consequences, turned away with indignant contempt from the remonstrances of justice and policy, and it was the practice to signify by a hollow murmur their dislike of such timid counsels.
  • One of the things that we find most gratifying is that everyone who hears about BillMonk immediately “gets it”; social money – informal debts between friends – has always been a thorn in everyone’s side.
  • Hell not three weeks ago Mitt was running radio adverts denouncing the stem cell bill in terms gratifying to any witch doctor.
  • I'm rather dubious about my chances of making it straight to heaven, unless I die heroically as a martyr or saving lives— which of course would be too gratifying, which is why it probably won't happen.