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What is the meaning of guinea in Hindi?

Meaning of guinea in Hindi is : चूहे की तरह कुतरने वाला जन्तु

Definition of word guinea

  • Country in Western Africa. Official name: Republic of Guinea. (proper noun)

Examples of word guinea

  • We have a guinea pig named Mrs. Nibbles, And she is the cutest nicest pig in Guinea history.
  • The guinea was first issued in 1663, of Guinea gold.
  • And it came about in this way: A long time ago, when she was a little bit of a girl, she was toddlin 'about the yard with a checked dress on, and one of the neighbors lookin' at her said that she looked exactly like a little guinea chicken, and ever since then we have called her Guinea.
  • And a guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig.
  • In this weird English language, greyhounds aren't always grey (or gray), a ladybug is a beetle, guinea pigs are neither pigs nor from Guinea, and a titmouse is neither mammal nor mammaried.
  • Turkey is actually a misnomer: the Portuguese imported, via Turkey, guinea fowl (after Guinea, Africa), known as turkey cocks; the American birds -- now turkeys -- were erroneously identified with these.
  • All are misnomers: Cleopatra's needle was erected by Thotmes III about 1500 B.C.; forlorn hope is a folk etymology of Dutch verloren hoop, lit. ` lost troop '[cf. Fr enfants perdus]; guinea pigs are rodents native to South America, being neither pigs nor from Guinea; Jerusalem artichokes do not come from Jerusalem, the misnomer being a corruption of It girasole ` sunflower'; meerschaum, lit.
  • (DIP) TURKEY COMMENDS ESTABLISHMENT OF A NATIONAL UNITY GOVERNMENT IN GUINEA ANKARA - Turkey commended the establishment of a national unity government in Guinea.
  • At length the army emerged into a broader but still barren portion of the pass, the road winding steeply for several miles along a snowy water-course, whence they passed over a plain, which, from the number of guinea fowls found there, obtained the name of "Guinea
  • "The Obama bill is like a guinea pig; it's not from Guinea and it's not a pig.